Returns from Deferring Infrastructure Investment

In many cases, the least-cost solution to voltage compliance issues will be LV regulation in lieu of investment in distribution infrastructure, such as larger transformers and conductors.

Returns from Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership

By delivering high-performance voltage regulation without complications, Pacific Volt delivers more value for a lower initial cost. Our LV regulators also reduce the need to have MV tap changers respond rapidly to voltage variations caused by distributed generation, thereby reducing wear and extending their life. Our regulators are capable of four million voltage adjustments per hour, while a medium-voltage tap changer will make about one million voltage adjustments before refurbishment. We build our regulators to last a long time with little or no attention, and they have a stellar history in the field in some very tough environments.

Returns from Delivering Power Quality

Keeping power quality high reduces the cost of responding to customer complaints. It also strengthens your hand when its necessary to compel customers to police their own power quality issues, and keeps power quality problems created by one customer from impacting another customer.

Returns from Further Enabling Voltage Optimization

By raising voltage on a spot basis on the secondary circuit (LV networks), our regulators enable greater voltage reduction on the medium voltage feeder.