Controlling Voltage

You can use our versatile voltage regulators to dynamically raise or lower the voltage where needed along a secondary line (LV network), so that your service to each customer is in compliance. Compliance is increasingly measured at the customer's meter, not at the substation, making voltage control on the secondary ever more valuable. Controlling voltage with our power electronics on the secondary also can reduce the frequency with which your MV load tap changers need to respond, extending their life. 

Protecting Power Quality

Customers require power quality. Customers degrade power quality. Nothing new there, just more of it than ever today, with uses that are more sensitive, and others that are more aggressive. Phase unbalance, flicker, transients, and good old-fashioned overvoltage and undervoltage; the root of many customer complaints, and associated costs. If you can keep these under control economically, the battle is mostly won. Our high performance voltage regulators, applied just where they're needed, do the job. They regulate voltage with power flow to or from the customer, and protect power quality close to where it's measured.

Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed energy sources--renewables & cogeneration today, more of the same plus energy storage tomorrow--present new challenges and opportunities to the utilities responsible for delivering compliant power. As new sources, many of them variable, come on line, the geography of the grid changes monthly, and the grid's behavior can change as quickly as a cloud can cover the sun. Energy storage will be an essential tool, but not a complete solution. Our high performance voltage regulators will complement your energy storage investment to achieve compliance.